گل خونه

To be whole

W is for with you, whether in body or spirit
H is for half of my heart, which lives in you
O is for only you 
L is for love in the rarest form
E is for eternity, which is how long our love will live

To be complete

C is for celestial powers of our love
O is for offerings of love we share
M is for music that only we can hear
P is for piece of our hearts we exchanged
L is for lasting through all of time
E is for everywhere, which is where I see you
T is for timeless, such is our love
E is for existence for me, which is you

To be yours

Y is for yearning I feel for you
O is for the overflowing cup of love we share
U is for understanding each other always
R is for remembering we are never alone
S is for sunbaths we give to each other


F is for finding love in miraculous ways
O is for the oasis we are to each other
R is for the respect we have for each other
E is for this endless love of ours
V is for the valentines in our heart and soul
E is for the exposing of our souls
R is for rejoicing in our love

Be my Valentine

V is for the vacancy only filled by you
A is for angels who guide and guard us
L is for laughter only we can hear
E is for engravings on our hearts
N is for nectar, the sweet taste of you
T is for treasure I found in you
I is for irresistible you
N is for the need I feel for you
E is for escape I take with you

Happy Valentine's Day         

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